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Introducing ThermalHeart+®

35-50% of a home’s heat is lost from its windows and doors. Which is why we are introducing ThermalHeart+®. A range of code-meeting, industry-leading, thermally efficient products designed and made right here in New Zealand for exactly how we live.

What is ThermalHeart+®?

It’s new thermal technology for windows and doors that almost doubles the performance of standard aluminium windows and doors1.

This versatile system of thermally efficient frames and unique AGP System® glass creates warmer, drier and healthier homes for both us and the environments we live in. When used with the innovative Centrafix™ installation option, thermal performance is further increased by over 20%2.

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ThermalHeart+®️ components

Leading thermal performance designed and made right here for warmer, drier, healthier New Zealand homes. The ThermalHEART® polyamide barrier insulates the frame of the window system, separating warm and cold areas.

  • ThermalHEART® frames deliver almost double the thermal performance of standard aluminium windows and doors1

  • A comprehensive and highly versatile range of products

  • Clean, modern lines

  • High performance in extreme weather conditions

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Not all windows and doors are created equal and The AGP System® sits right at the heart of our products’ thermal performance.

  • The ATS-Architectural Thermal Spacer®️ reduces the transfer of hot and cold temperatures
  • Argon gas creates an additional barrier to heat loss and improves insulation
  • Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™ are Low-E coatings that reduce heat loss in winter and over-heating in summer. They protect your home's interior while providing a similar clarity to clear glass.

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The Centrafix™ installation method recesses the joinery into the building wall, aligning the insulation elements - wall, window frame, glazing – to prevent cold air from circulating around the frame. This New Zealand designed innovation increases the thermal performance in your home by over 20%2.

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The ThermalHeart+® system is exclusively available through our Altherm, First and Vantage manufacturers. These independently-owned and operated manufacturers have local knowledge and relationships and share our commitment to excellence and our spirit of innovation.

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The building code is changing. Be ready.

Stage 1 came into effect on 3 November 2022 with stage 2 starting on 1 May 2023. It’s all part of New Zealand moving to Carbon net zero by 2050 with more thermally and energy efficient windows and doors playing their part. 

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Made for a better future

Sustainable change, for us, starts at the design stage or as we like to think of it - the redesign stage. We’re committed to closing the loop on material flows, designing waste and pollution out and regenerating natural environments. Our future path is clear: creating product for homes and buildings that have zero impact on our beautiful country.

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A comprehensive whole window system begins with our innovative ThermalHEART® window and door technology which incorporates a thermal strip in the core to deliver exceptional performance.

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