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Our insulated, high-performance system, The AGP System®, works hard to reduce the amount of heat that passes through the glass while still letting natural light through, improving the thermal efficiency of a home.

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What is The AGP System®?

The AGP System® is a double-glazed unit which is made using world class components and industry leading technology. The panes of glass are processed using a highly automated, precision process to ensure their high quality.

ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer®

A warm-edge spacer that bonds the two glass panes of your double-glazed windows and doors and creates an airtight bond to ensure the best gas retention of argon gas used in The AGP System®.

Argon gas

An invisible inert gas which is used as an insulator to create an additional barrier to heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, improving thermal performance.

Bonded to glass and secondary sealant

A continually evolving formulation used to ensure durable bonding between glass panes. This creates an airtight seal for the space between panes, providing additional protection for the primary seal.

Solux-E® or Solux Ultra™

Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™ are low emissivity (Low-E) glass coating options, which is virtually invisible and are applied to the inside surface of the exterior glass pane, protecting it from the elements. Both options improve the level of insulation of the home by reflecting the heat back to the inside, reducing winter heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer helping to limit overheating.

What does it do?

Your windows and doors are a complete system with each component contributing to a warm, comfortable, healthy home.

Retains heat

Solux-E® reflects the warm air in the home back into your house rather than escaping through the glass. This reduces winter heat loss by 59% better5 when compared to standard double glazing.

5 Solux-E in a unit compared to standard double glazing as described on the comparison chart here
Blocks excessive heat

Due to its superior solar control, Solux Ultra™ is the best choice to control overheating. Solux Ultra™ works hard to let natural light stream in with less heat entering the home, reducing overheating and also minimising the need to use air conditioning. 

Reduces heat transfer

The AGP System® uses ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® to keep warm and cold areas separated, and an argon gas fill to act as an insulator. These components work together with Solux-E® to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through your glazing.

Replaces traditional aluminium spacer system

The AGP System® has replaced the traditional aluminium spacer system with ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® which is a better performing, single component thermoplastic spacer that is bonded to the glass. This technology outperforms existing spacers and edge seal systems available in New Zealand.

Controls fading

Solux Ultra™ delivers an additional 10% increase in fading control* protecting your interior furnishings by reducing the amount of damaging light that enters through the glass to keep them looking better for longer.

*When compared to The AGP System with Solux-E. Tdw-ISO damage weighted UV transmission is 0.54 for a Solux Ultra unit comprising of 4mm Solux Ultra/16mm ATS with argon gas/4mm clear float
Complies with the Building Code’s highest R-value

To deliver the ultimate thermal performance for your home, it’s important to complement The AGP System® with a thermally improved frame such as ThermalHEART® or uPVC Klima Series®.

What are the benefits?

Thermal efficiency

The AGP System® pairs Solux-E®, ATS – Architectural Thermal Spacer® with argon gas to reduce heat transfer through the glass, contributing to an improvement in your window systems’ overall thermal performance.

Smaller energy bills

A more constant temperature means less energy used to heat and cool the home, providing energy savings year-round. Reduced energy consumption (U-value) puts less demand on New Zealand’s power grid, reducing the environmental footprint of your home.

Gas retention

The superior seal integrity of ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® improves The AGP System’s argon gas retention and reduces the risk of moisture vapour leaking into the unit. This is why we back our double-glazed products with an extended 12-year warranty.

Healthier Home

The internal and external glass panes in The AGP System® are separated with ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® to reduce the likelihood of condensation forming on the glass inside the home, reducing the risk of mould growth, and increasing the health and wellbeing of you and your family. This can be further enhanced with a thermally improved frame.

Year-round comfort

Solux-E® works to minimise heat flow allowing you to stay warmer through winter and cooler through summer. You’ll have less warm air escaping in the winter and less heat entering through the glass in summer without the need to use tinted glass, also known as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

Solux-E® helps to retain heat in the home, up to 59% better6 than standard double glazing, achieving a more stable home temperature and year-round comfort with less need for air-conditioning.


Our double-glazed units use ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® - a smooth, matt black spacer which is robotically extruded for a uniform appearance. The AGP System® has a single join, unlike other spacers which can have multiple joins. The matt black finish also reduces the reflectance of the frame colour.

Solux-E® is virtually invisible to let natural light through and maintain a crystal-clear view while reducing the amount of heat that passes through the glass without the need to use tinted glass.


ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® is made to flex with changes in pressure and tension on the window edge seal, improving The AGP System’s longevity. ATS - Architectural Thermal Spacer® offers better reliability by replacing traditional rigid spacer systems, which have multiple parts, with an innovative single component system.

Resources for specifiers

EBOSS is an online library of product catalogues from New Zealand's leading architectural product suppliers, including our Altherm, First and Vantage brands.

Products in the EBOSS library contain scope of use, limitations and building code compliance information, case studies, plus product literature like drawings, CAD and BIM, warranties, appraisals and more.

Detailed specification clauses for products are available on the Masterspec website under APL Window Solutions.


Masterspec serves the New Zealand construction industry with a pre-formatted, up-to-date database of specification clauses, using an online interface to structure, edit, add support documentation and output to multiple formats.

APL specifications are also available on

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You can find product drawings and technical information in the APL Specifier Guide, with extensive detail on the complete library of products in the First Windows & Doors, Vantage Windows & Doors and Altherm Windows Systems ranges, including Residential ThermalHEART®, Metro Series ThermalHEART® Metro Series ThermalHEART® with Centrafix™, APL Architectural Series and Klima Series®.

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The Centrafix™ installation method recesses the joinery into the building wall, aligning the insulation elements - wall, window frame, glazing – to prevent cold air from circulating around the frame. This New Zealand designed innovation increases the thermal performance in your home by over 20%2.

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Leading thermal performance designed and made right here for warmer, drier and healthier New Zealand homes. A unique system of windows and doors with a wide range of size and span options across our Residential, Metro and APL Architectural Series.

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