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Manufacturers in Canterbury

Altherm Aluminium Canterbury

50 Leeds Street, Christchurch

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Alutech Windows & Doors

10 Hammersmith Drive, Christchurch

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Design Windows Christchurch

61 Hickory Place, Christchurch, Christchurch

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First Christchurch Windows & Doors

7 Paradyne Place, Wigram, Christchurch

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Hagley Windows and Doors

Waterloo Business Park, 926 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch

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Kaiapoi Aluminium Joinery

1261 Main North Road, Christchurch

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Monarch Aluminium

12 Maces Rd, Bromley, Christchurch, Christchurch

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Altherm Canterbury

50 Leeds Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch

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Our advisory service draws on the wide expertise of the technical team at APL.

Phone: 07 849 8888



Detailed specification clauses for products are available on the Masterspec website under APL Window Solutions.

Masterspec serves the New Zealand construction industry with a pre-formatted, up-to-date database of specification clauses, using an online interface to structure, edit, add support documentation and output to multiple formats.

APL specifications are also available on

Contact your local manufacturer through our websites:


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